Isn’t YouTube wonderful?

I would never have been able to view all of this with my busy schedule or perhaps I just didn’t have the time to actually sit down in front of a tele and then watch what is going on. Then again most of the time it would have to be CNN instead of Al-Jazeera. But now, this piece of news gave me a very insightful view of what happened last weekend.


After watching this video, my cheeks definitely turned red from the embarrassment because someone has been caught red handed on live television. Suddenly vision 2020 seems to be not too realistic to me.

And also, apparently, there seem to be some sort of going on in our Dewan Rakyat as usual. No holds are barred there and everyone loves to scream at each other without giving up and without trying to keep a cool head.


I think we have a serious problem, there are so called “pondans” around. Now who is the one who should be declared a “pondan”? The people who dared to make a difference or the person who sits back and criticize every other thing someone elses does.

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