LOUD Concert!

Earlier this month I was asked to shoot this event held at the Dream Centre. It was a concert and the expected attendance would be in the range of about a 1000+ attendees. To me the first few things that came into my mind was that whether I could cover the event from the beginning all the way to the end (games and food first).

Secondly, how would I fare is such low light conditions considering that I do not have any fast lenses (yes the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR Nikkor lens is in my wishlist) and I would say that direct flash would then spoil most of the lighting ambience in a concert.

Here are the results.

0711_LOUD Concert_1
Free gifts that were given to the attendees?

The huge crowd waiting to get into the main hall

Of course before the event started, I started sneaking into the hall before the crowd was let in a caught the performers running through the agenda. It was definitely going to be a fun filled event!

The dancers rehearsing their opening dance

When the doors openeng, everyone literrally rushed in causing a huge stampede. Ok well, they were rather orderly and I am just exagerrating most of it.

Samuel the emcee of the night welcoming the crowd

I was truly amazed at the CHC dance team, they were absolutely incredible and coordinated. Haven’t seen this type of skilled dancing since I was back in universities.

First performers of the night, the City Harvest Church Malaysia dance team

Of course it is a concert and what is a concert without the main star of the night? Well, you can’t just get a 1000 people to attend a concert if you don’t have a star such as Juwita Suwito to perform!

Her singing was awesome as usual and listening to her perform was an amazing experience. This is not the first time I have seen her perform but each and every time I do see her perform, she still manages to amaze me. What talent and she is Malaysian!

The night ended with a great bang! I only selected a few photos to publish here but once I am done with my post processing, I will upload it to my Flickr gallery.

Till then!

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