Masterclass Workshop with Urs Recher

As mentioned in my other post, I attended a workshop last weekend thinking that this would be another session whereby the participants would have a chance to shoot models and practice their portrait shots using studio lighting equipment and have the guidance from a world reknowned “si-fu”. Unfornately that was not the case and the event turned out that there were over a hundred participants.

Master Class Portraiture Workshop

Urs Recher standing on the right

Crammed into a small seminar room at the PJ Hilton in State, having a workshop like this is fine in a workshop but when it comes to the actual setup of lights, I really pity half of the crowd sitting behind because everyone at the front were standing up and busy taking photos of the setup. Although there were two models there, not many of us got a chance to take any shots.

To be frank, this was rather refreshing because this was the first time I actually met a reknowned photographer from Europe and it is obvious on their styles of shooting and setup. Urs’ work was very tedious and yet he was patient throughout the setup and he can easily spend half the day setting up several studio lighting until he gets the right lighting he wants.

Group photo of the participants

Honestly, after watching him in action, I sort of wished that I participated in his other session instead which focused on product photography. Definitely that would have been more worthwhile unless I start bringing studio lighting to some on-location wedding shoots.

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