Can I celebrate also? Please?

Today mark’s the UN’s celebration of the World Human Rights day. In effect, many people today lack the very knowledge of the rights that one might hold, whether it may be their own personal rights as a consumer, a voter or just as a normal citizen.  But truth be hold, amidst many of what some might consider a “drivel” of misguided information put forward to unsuspecting people, many of them are clouded by a mist of twisting and spinning stories to lure them further away from the truth.

Quote from the UN’s website:

The promotion and protection of human rights has been a major preoccupation for the United Nations since 1945, when the Organization’s founding nations resolved that the horrors of The Second World War should never be allowed to recur. 

Respect for human rights and human dignity “is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”, the General Assembly declared three years later in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, all States and interested organizations were invited by the General Assembly to observe 10 December as Human Rights Day (resolution 423(V)). 

The Day marks the anniversary of the Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Over the years, a whole network of human rights instruments and mechanisms has been developed to ensure the primacy of human rights and to confront human rights violations wherever they occur.

Respect for human rights and dignity is of the essence but unfortunately it isn’t practiced so much around here with statements such as “balik tongsan” coming from the very people charged to helping us preserve our rights.

Too much has happened over the weekend and too much has been reported on the media. Of course everyone wants to know what is going on and with the Internet being so easily available nowadays, who ever believes what they read in the newspapers. How much so can we trust these so called “credible” sources of the media?

I rather read my news online because I believe that the level of trust I have for these spin doctors have reached an all time low and as someone once told me that it only takes a minute to destroy a lifetime built reputation.

Anyhow, let us not stray from the fact that today is the World Human Rights day so let’s celebrate the fact that we are still in a democratic state but yet mourn for the things that are happening around us. Perhaps these photos might tell a better story indeed.

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