The Seven Levels of Photographers

Time and time again people have been trying to measure one’s level of competency, thinking and physical prowess but when it comes to photography, an area where people who did not study art as their major and yet take breathtaking shots, how would we measure them? By the quality of their photos, well, to different people, some photos may look nicer.

Well, Ken Rockwell has come up with his own method of measuring photographers and not only by the results they produce but more towards on their behaviour and styles.

What do I think about myself? I think perhaps I am at level 1. I definitely need to take more time to shoot more photos. Lately instead of taking photos, I have to balance my time between post processing photos for a cake shoot I am working on for their website, a pre-wedding shoot and finally a wedding I took in December. I really hope to have more photos up here soon so do check back.

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