Why do they call it potluck?

Anyway no shots of the food but just some shots of the activities we did during the last FLARE gathering. As Dexter did say, it has been a year since everyone from the group manage to have a get together. With half of the group studying in Australia and the other half busy working, I guess I did feel old amongst them.

Lemuel acting cool

We-Ki teaching Dex how to cross the line of normal social boundaries

Dexter must be wondering who it was as his comment was, “Wah the skin so smooth, must be a girl!”

Whose reflection is that?

Group Photo

Check out the rest of the photos at this link.

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  1. Thanks Henry, really appreciate the compliments. At the same time, still trying to learn a lot more and upping my game 🙂

    Got some recent harsh comments from a seasoned wedding photographer so I am taking those to heart and pushing myself to improve my skills.

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