Turning 26

Today, I turn 26 and I am not jumping around having fun but cooped up in the office like any other day. What makes today a little bit special is that it has been a slow day at work with just a couple of meetings and some important decisions I have to make. One of them being a new role which I am to take up at work which I can quote what the client said to me, “If you take this role up, I can guarantee that it will take up so much of your time and you might not have enough time to spend on your hobby for the next six months”.

Definitely not something one would like to hear but the aspect of the role is fantastic because I get to learn so much more and I get to manage a larger scope of things. But with a role like this comes more responsibilities. Apart from that, I will still be juggling my other work and to make sure that I can get everything complete and delivered. Not easy but its a strong challenge from me.

I am thankful for my family, Mun Tzin and my friends whom I have celebrated my birthday with over the weekend, it was a great weekend starting from a Chinese New Year dinner on Friday night although there was a fiasco over the location. Who names their restaurant Overseas Restaurant Amcorp mall when it isn’t even in Amcorp mall?? Saturday again was filled with more eating as we ate at the Bavarian Bierhaus and later at night at Momo in Centrepoint. Looks like I have to start running again after the food binge over the weekend.

Anyway, as I look back over the past couple of years I would say that perhaps I have achieved something but perhaps I could have achieved more. I did pick up photography as a new hobby, got promoted at work and had some ups and downs but hey, what is life without all this excitement?

Before I end, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year!

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