Getting back on track (3) – An afternoon with Nicole

Sometimes I wondered why I signed up for a workshop which was something I most probably knew everything that was going to be thought. Really, the very first 30-40minutes I was just flabbergastered because I really knew what the trainers were teaching to the rest of the students.

Then it hit me, absolute pride. I began to think again, where was my meekness especially the time when I was down? What happened to that? Just because I took a few “good” photos (note the quotes, “”, at good) doesn’t mean that I am the best? Not really, I am totally far from being called a “good photographer” and ever lightyears away from being called “the best”.

Anyway, the workshop with the trainers (Andrew and Mohd Haidar) over at the Nikonian Academy brought a new light to me. There are far more people with so much more experience that I can learn and absorb from. I need to be a sponge and absorb all of it. There were plenty of tips I picked up along the way and definitely shooting under such bright sunlight was a pain (I realised so many hotspots or overexposed areas on my shots!).


Part of my homework is to choose the best three but frankly, I haven’t found them yet. I took two which I liked and posted them here but I haven’t found my favourite 3 yet. I need to go back home, sit down in front of my PC and start post processing them.

Lastly I would like to take the time to thank the trainers, Andrew and Haidar for teaching us the fundamentals of shooting outdoor portaits as well as Nicole who was our model for the day. Thanks so much, an afternoon with you guys made me realise that I have got a lot more to learn.

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  1. I sent my photos to your gmail account. I'm still new, so do give me pointers. But how did you take the first shot?

  2. Hi Amy,

    I stood behind the tree and took the shot at her. Actually she was looking at the other photographers so I called her name and she turned over and I captured that shot.

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