Getting back on track (4) – A morning with Jacq, Sofea and Castelle

Here is the final installation of my “getting back on track” plan. Well it is not really a full blown workshop but more of like a gathering of photographers from the Lowyat.Net forum early on a Sunday morning to learn from one another shooting 3 models. After all of these workshops and outings, I still feel there is much to learn and much more to explore as I feel that I have yet to achieve what I plan to gain. Nevertheless, the learning experience was just incredible.

A group of 15 photographers met up at Taman Tasik Permaisuri (opposite HUKM) together with 3 models and began our shooting at 9.00am. We split into 3 groups and the models went to each of the group so everyone had the chance to shoot all of the models. By noon time everyone was getting tired and weary but it was a healthy bunch, mainly armed with Nikon and Canon cameras.

Here are some of the photos I took over last weekend. Do leave some comments, especially what you think of the photos. Whether I can shoot them better or my post processing was off or the entire picture sucks. Don’t worry, I take criticism (good or bad) positively as I am striving myself to improve.


To be quite frank, after all of this, I still want to learn more and I have already signed up for two more workshops with Louis Pang. Now that is something I am truly looking forward to and will be paying 200% attention to what he has to teach and be exactly like a sponge and absorb everything. Until then, I got about close to two months before the first one and about 4 months before the second one. Hopefully I would have more jobs between then and be able to afford to get myself a laptop (praying hard for that).

I guess learning is always a lifelong process and I will definitely do my bit to learn as much as I can as well as teach what I have learned to others.

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