Charge Up! Conference – Its coming, again!

Last year, I started my photography journey when I attended my very first photography workshop at Jalan Tandang. Prior to that, I had just recently purchased my Nikon D40 and was playing with the camera for about a month before. Little did I know that attending Charge Up 2007 would leave an impact so great until now.

One year down the road and it’s here again, Charge Up 2008!  Of course I will be taking up the photography workshop as usual and I can’t wait to learn more from Louis Pang again. I have been to many photography workshops and I loved his teachings and lessons. Given that it was extremely new to me the last time (I couldn’t understand what he meant when he said SB-800 or 17-35mm f/2.8). All I knew was that he takes amazing photos and it was then that I realised I wanted more from my camera.

One year ago during the Charge Up conference, I took these 5 shots to be submitted.

This year, if there is an opportunity again for this, I will definitely benchmark myself, not to beat last year’s photos but to be more on the creative side. A pro wedding photog did mention to me once that I was too technical and not artistic enough. I find that very true and I blame my interest for technical stuff and my engineering background. Actually, I do know a lot of engineers who are extremely artistic as well. This year I hope to awaken my artistic side of things.

So what are you waiting for? Head over here and sign up now!

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  1. Heya now I can put a face to those shots! Hahah… I remember seeing those shots last year, and some of Louis' comments on it, just there were so many participants, hard to remember the face to the photo. I didn't even realize that it was last year's Charge Up that changed the world of photography for you! Great to hear that, it makes me feel it all worth it as an organizer, to know how the conference changes lives.

  2. Shen: Trust me, it is interesting!

    Grace: Well I was quite disappointed that I couldn't stay for the end when my submission was given. I hope that this year I can improve a whole lot more 🙂

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