Want some cake? I know where to get some!

As of 6.37pm KL Time, this site is 42 visitors short of reaching the 10,000 mark. Yippee!

Are you already bored with the same old cakes you used to get from Secret recipe? Its been so many years that you have actually tried all of their cakes? Well from now on, you don’t have to look any further. What you need is a change, a change for better and the change for quality! This is not some BN, DAP, PKR, PAS propoganda.

No, this comes straight from my stomach (not heart!) and the one thing in unison right now is that both my brains and stomach agree that cakes from Su’s are way better than any other cake shop I have been to (if you see my size you would know that I go to a lot of cake shops).

What are you waiting for? Click on the image above and start drooling over those cakes. I would recommend their range of cheesecakes and especially if you are a durian lover, please order the durian cake! Absolutely delicious!

Durian Cheese Cake: A rapture of bold aromas – the distinctive cheese whiff augmented by the sharp pungent durian. Your imagination will be inspired by this truly exotic combination of aroma, taste and texture – smooth & creamy cheese filling blended with luscious bites of real durian flesh giving your taste buds that unique “kick”. Our renowned signature creation.

Now this is the ultimate cake to try!

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life

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