Vote Wisely Malaysians

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With the elections coming pretty close (this Saturday), a few interesting things popped up today. Firstly, Malaysiakini, a news website, where users have to pay a fee to read has declared that their site is now free from the 4th of March till the 10th of March. Want to know why?

“We hope that voters will be able to access independent news so that they can make an informed decision on polling day,” said Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran in announcing the decision.

Now that is interesting and it really did give me some sort of hope until this bit of news appeared. Just 4 days before voting begins and this change suddenly comes in? What is going on here? I wonder if they will provide us with the transparent ballot boxes as they have promised us here.

With so many people shouting and tussling at various “ceramahs”, I pray that Malaysians will make an informed decision when it comes to casting their votes. It is not about being anti who or anti anyone but our own future including our children’s future would ultimately depend on the people who lead this country.

Anyway, enough ranting on and on. My D200 is with Nikon Malaysia at the moment together with my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. I sent it in this afternoon for servicing. Hopefully after calibrating the focusing motor, I wouldn’t face too much front focus problems.

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