Phuket was awesome!


I had the priviledge of travelling to Phuket, Thailand, over the weekend for an assignment and it was equally taxing and enjoyable as well. The last time I was in Phuket was over 15 years ago and much has changed since then. The most noticeable change was that you can hardly see the aftermath of the tsunami which struck the area back in 2004. Much of the things have been rebuilt and resorts are springing back up everywhere.

The number of tourists were incredible as well and I always wondered to myself, “Why can’t any place in Malaysia can be this popular?”. Langkawi? Redang? Penang? Pangkor? Who knows, are we not that attractive enough to offer the tourists the same things?

Anyway at the same time, I managed to snap a couple of pics while I was on assignment there.

Sunset at Surin Beach

Ice melting by the beach – Think seafood being chilled on ice before barbequeing it and then these are the leftover ice

Bright sunlight from Surin Beach again

Senget shot of a senget horizon – Note, riding this without insurance is scary!

I have a couple more photos sitting in my hard disk but in total there are about 14Gb of data to go through. I definitely need to delete some of them as I am really running out of available space now in my PC!

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