Happy 40th Birthday, the unwanted cubicle!

The title says it all but what it doesn’t say is that Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has teamed up with IDEO to come up with the ULTIMATE cubicle, for Dilbert, that is. Anyway I thought it was rather cool, I looked at my own cubicle at work and wished it was this funky.

Image source: http://www.ideo.com/dilbert/index.htm

Personally I have sat in 3 different types of cubicles in my career. The first one was based off an open office concept where by I wasn’t surrounded by any partitions but the amount of electronic reading equipments (oscilloscopes, spectrum meter, etc.) ended up being the partition instead. The 2nd one I sat in was the best, Herman Miller chairs were available and a never-ending supply of wonderful coffee and an incredible view to boot.

My current cubicle is the largest of the 3, a not so comfortable chair and plenty of space for me to make a mess. Although the only problem is that the central air-conditioning system doesn’t seem to reach my area of the office so I am rather warm most of the time.

Head over to this site and check out it’s cool features.

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