The One with the Rat Race

Yup, two days have passed since I last updated my blog and although I would love to publish the photos I took over the weekend at the “From Ordinary to Extraordinary” workshop, I need to find the time to even select them. I took quite a number of photos that day and I just need to sort through them. My priority right now would be to send out the group shots to the participants and also to the models who played an important part.

At the moment, still no pictures up yet because I am at yet another workshop. Nope, it is not a photography related workshop but more towards work related. The bright side is that I don’t have to travel to Cyberjaya for the next couple of days (the workshop is at IBM in Bandar Utama) but the down side is that I lose out on my travel claims. The sacrifices I make in the pursuit of knowledge 😛

Anyhow, today was an interesting day as I learned a lot about DB2 and how it interacts with SAP. Keat Seong played an important part to me today as I had little experience as a Basis Engineer and that was where he came in. Of course not without his antics of trying to copy over the instance to another client. Because I was at training the entire day, I had little time to check my work email so I gave my weekly badminton session a skip and concentrate on my work instead.

See, you can’t really blame me for not posting up any photos here.

Anyway, the Charge Up! 2008 conference is coming soon, next week to be precise. Really looking forward to it and I need to practice shooting this weekend as well or else I might forget what I learned. Baby steps is what I need to take.

Until the next post, unless extra work suddenly falls on my lap.

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  1. DB2… DB2… arrghh… SAP… arrgh 🙂

    Please blog about charge-up! I would have loved to go but have a CG camp this weekend and two tenders due next weekend. Ahh, the joys of work!

  2. Hi Mark, i'm Vickie…still remember me?haha

    pass by to say Hi to you & looking forward to get some shots from you soon…^^

    have a nice day…

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