A quick post

After a whirlwind of workshops and conferences, I am finally back in PJ, back in the office and pulling in my usual work. Yes that means concentrating fully on my day job and taking less time to view photos online or even go on Facebook (except for the occasional checks).

This will be a quick post as I will be trying to put up more photos here as I try to shoot a little more to continue to improve on my skills and to train my eye to pay attention to the little details.

I shot this image whilst I was at Life College over the weekend. I know there was a sign that said “Do not open the windows” but hey, it was already open :P. By the way, I also have proof of who opened the window. Lets just say that you shouldn’t do things like that when you are surrounded by loads of people with cameras around.

Here is a shot of a beautiful girl I shot while I was having dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas. Isn’t she gorgeous?

And when she wasn’t looking, I quickly took this shot of her which was a little closer than the previous shot. Next time I would definitely want to take more portrait shots of her. She is just so beautiful!

Anyway, this post is meant to be a quick post. A little excited to watch Iron Man tomorrow night. Until then, tata!

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