Iron Man a.k.a Orang Besi

Screamed the title of a superb movie, well not exactly the title but just the subtitle. After watching it last night, I felt that this was one of the better Marvel movies that was showed on the big screen. The awesome portrayal of Tony Stark as the eccentric billionaire played by Robert Downey Jr.

The movie started off with how Tony Stark who was the owner of Stark Industries whose father was one of the creators of the atomic bomb, became who he was. Now manufacturing high tech weaponry for the US government, he later realises that his deeds has returned to haunt him.

After being captured by militants and held in captivity for 3 months, in that period, Tony saw a lot of things that made him change and he returned not as an eccentric billionaire but as a changed man. Well he was still rather eccentric.

The things I love about this movie was the great balance between the action scenes, great special effects and the witty humour (not the same lame type from Spiderman or Fantastic Four). Frankly, among all of the other Marvel movies, this has to be one of my favourite ones. Ironically since Ironman is one of the heroes which doesn’t really have any super powers.

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