Welcome to Perth!

Yes I am in Perth at the moment enjoying the great food and the amazing company. Will definitely blog more about it but at the mean time, here is a shot I took from the plane on the way to Perth. Managed to get some cheap flights on Tiger Airways. Thank goodness that Air Asia now flies to Perth as well.

No, its not a HDR shot. Just tweaked the photo in Lightroom and added the watermark in CS3.

Food onboard Tiger Airways are slightly cheaper compared to Air Asia and if you are comparing dollar to dollar, it is rather affordable for Singaporeans. Anyway the stark contrast between Singapore’s Budget Terminal and Changi Airport is just the same between our own LCCT and KLIA.

I need to sleep soon, early day tomorrow with expected showers.

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  1. Hi Eugene,

    Jealous? I see from your blog you are always busy on some super adventure track haha.

    I am back already but I stayed in Perth throughout my stay.

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