Albert & Serina


I shot Albert and Serina’s wedding together with Grace as the second photographer a month ago under the banner of Integricity Visuals. It was my first wedding I shot after Louis’ workshop in Penang and also after the recent Charge Up conference. Raring to try something new, although it was only a wedding dinner, I tried to remember what I learned and apply it to this wedding.

And boy, did I really enjoy myself together with Kareem and Choon Ean who were the videographers that night. Its such a blessing for me to be able to work with Grace, Kareem and Choon Ean who are all so talented.

Here are some my favourite pictures from that night.




High key shot of the lovely couple










Wonderful dance performance by one of their good friends


Bride’s sister’s band who performed for the guest during dinner. The band is seriously good!



Aerial shot from the upper floor

Overall, I had a fantastic night. Although some might say it was a half day shoot but shooting from 5pm till about 2am is not exactly a half day if you asked me. Tiring? Yes. Was it totally worth it? Yes!

I think I managed to put in at least 5% of what I have learned. Looking forward to applying another 5% more in my next shoot. Will be posting up the next series real soon! I got a wedding and a pre-wedding to post process.

More photos of this wedding can be seen here on my Flickr page.

10 comments on “Albert & Serina”

  1. Excellent effort and great results. My personal favs are 4,7 and 12. I would like 12 the best if I could see a bit more of the groom's face.

    Lovely lighting and processing – The KL Skyline shot is one of them.

  2. Hi Mark! Wow, great job!!! I guess Louis's workshop definitely helps! CAn't wait for the KL one! I am almost out of inspiration, hehehe…ssshhhh….dun tell anyone! oops… ;P keep up the great work, man!

  3. Eugene: Thanks mate! I want to actually print it out as my very first large print. Need to tweak it a little more on CS3 😉

    Louis: Thanks a lot! Coming from you, its a real honour. The lighting in there was really tough and it was tough shooting at ISO1600 most of the time.

    Clement, Hunz: Thanks a lot guys. I look forward to seeing more of your photos as well.

    Zach: Thanks mate, you will definitely enjoy the class in KL as well. That I am very sure of.

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