Out of Practice

It is so true that practice makes perfect. I really need to find the time to practice shooting a lot more often. Although I have been shooting during weekends, but that is only a small amount compared to the real amount I should be shooting.

Tomorrow, I shall start bringing my camera about and start shooting a little more. Over the weekend I shot someone’s profile photo and I will share them in another post (coming soon) but as I do a lot more post processing, I learned that when the model gets impatient, I get impatient and try to take shots very quickly so that they don’t feel too tired. In the end, I ended up with more shots that aren’t useable (badly composed, exposed incorrectly and sometimes even blur).

One of the things I do learn from my golf lessons is to actually be a little bit more patient. So I do definitely have to make sure that I be a little more patient with my shot, my composition and the way I position myself so that I get everything right on camera and not have to waste so much time post processing those shots.

Anyway I am just ranting away because I was supposed to bring my camera to the office today to do a little bit of shooting during lunch time but I forgot because I rushed out of the house. Maybe I can bring it to cell group tonight to get a couple of shots of the cell group. Sounds like a plan to me!

Upcoming for the next three weeks will be two wedding shoots and a portraiture shoot. I am so looking forward to all of them especially the one next week where I will be travelling down to Singapore to shoot my uni mate’s wedding. But for now, I shall concentrate on the one this weekend at Banker’s Club. I will be shooting with Grace of Integricity Visuals and I hope to put in at least 10% of what I learned over at Louis’ workshop.

Yes, I am taking baby steps and applying my newly imparted knowledge in every shoot. And to help me improve, I am looking for any couples who would like to have a portraiture shoot. I already have a couple of my friends lined up (see its good to have a friend who is a photographer) who want to have a shoot and it is priced at a very low price. Very very low. Of course this is all subject to a few terms and conditions. If you want to know more, do check out my contact details on my online portfolio.

Until then…

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