Life’s Indulgences

Something very simple and something I missed since when I was in the UK.

The simple pleasures of life.

I wonder why they never bring it to Malaysia la!

Darn, I am craving for one right now.

I wonder if the cravings will ever stop.

Now, where can I find another one.

I knew I shouldn’t have stopped into the shop in Singapore.

Ah, what I would do for another cup of my little indulgence.

Probably nothing because I have my cup of white coffee next to me now.

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  1. I believe Mr Ho's in BSC sells white chocolate syrup (that was circa 2006). Ah, any kind of chocolate is a favorite of mine! I know a few SBUX senior partners and baristas — lemme ask for you. I don't mind it too, a bit bored of hazelnut, vanilla or caramel (or a mix of them)…

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