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Recently at work I have been working on knowledge management which requires me to study a little bit of taxonomy structures and how to implement it within an organization. One of the examples I usually use to explain taxonomy would be to reference it to a scientific classification of animals.

For example, the scientific classification of animals can be split into categories such as Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Infraclass, Order and Suborder.

While searching through Wikipedia, I stumbled across “possums”. Possums are quite common in Australia and then introduced to New Zealand. What comes to mind especially when mentioning animals and Australia are dead animals lying by the road shoulders. This is due to the time when I was travelling in Australia, driving between Melbourne City and Mt. Buller, I kept seeing dead kangaroos and koala bears by the road shoulder, apparently they have been hit down by other drivers. No, I didn’t hit one down and thank God that I didn’t as I do not want a dead animal’s carcass lying about in my room.

Anyway if you haven’t seen what a possum is, this is how a possum looks like.

A little bit of info about possums is that they are:

Possums are one of the Wellington region’s worst pests. Possums pose a serious threat to our native forests and economy.

Threat to our native forests

Possums devastate our native forests by:

  • eating the berries and flowers that are food for our native birds
  • stripping bark and breaking young shoots
  • eating and damaging newly formed buds which prevents new growth
  • eating the eggs and chicks of our native birds
  • consuming vast quantities of foliage.
  • Possums can stop the forest regenerating, cause the canopy to collapse, wipe out rata, fuschia and other species, and systematically strip trees.

Wow I really didn’t know they were this much of a pest!

No wonder I got this from my friend who is currently based in New Zealand.

A genuine willy warmer!

In case you do not know what a willy warmer is, it is just fur to keep your willy warm!

Personally, I think its way too small. I can only fit in two fingers into the hole. Since I can’t really use it and Malaysia’s weather is like 100 degrees celcius here every day of the year, I guess I have to put it to good use.

It will just have to keep my Nikon flash warm especially in those extra cold air-conditioned rooms. Now isn’t that just putting it to good use and not wasting it?

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  1. Hmm, let me post a dead possum photo on my blog 🙂 – I found it by the roadside and of course not my fault.

    While in NZ, we were explicitly told to run 'em over. Unfortunately, in three weeks, I didn't even manage to kill one. FAIL 🙂

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