Movie Review – The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Last Saturday I did something which I haven’t done in a very long time, I watched two movies in a day. Well this post will be dedicated to the first one I saw on Saturday.

Basically the movie is placed in a completely different timeline as the first movie. In the first movie, the kids grew up and became adults in the magical land of Narnia but when they returned back to the real world, a.k.a London, it was as if not a single second had passed.

Now forward that a couple of years in the real world (a.k.a London nearing the WWII era), the kids have grown up a little (but they are still kids) and they are carrying on their lives as usual in wet London whilst back in the magical land of Narnia, thousands of years have passed since the kings of old (the kids) left the magical kingdom and Aslan is no where to be found.

In this era, the Telmarines have conquered Narnia and strived to wipe out every single creature of the Narnian kingdom and they have thought to have successfully done that. The current king, King Caspian fled his kingdom from his ruthless uncle who wants the throne of Narnia to himself.

In doing so, Caspian managed to receive a magical horn from his mentor (who is a descendent of a Narnian) and when Caspian was being chased by the guards, he blew the horn. By blowing this horn, it triggered the kings of old of Narnia to come forth to save Narnia from impending extinction.

This very action of calling the kings of old brought the kids back from London to the magical land of Narnia but they still remained in their current day form or age. As the story unfolds, the movie proved to be rather interesting and at the same time managed to outgrow the previous one.

Yes, this movie was targetted for kids or youth but I can’t help but notice that the plot and the action scenes were slightly improved whilst maintaining the non-bloody violence type scenes/scenarios. You can’t expect it to be such like the movie, 300, and yet also maintain the general viewing status right?

Its obvious that the fight scenes were beefed up a bit and together with a tad bit of digital effects, one can expect a high level of cinematography. The one thing which caught my attention the most was that the kids had no qualms about killing their enemies or their fellow men. They shot arrows like nobody’s business and they sliced anyone that got in their way. Sounds a little bit like Anakin Skywalker in the making.

Personally I liked the movie and I would give it a 7 star rating. If you haven’t catched the movie, I do advise you to have a go at it.

p.s. I never did mention about Aslan that much did I?

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