Las Vacas Steak Challenge

The image above just sums it all and yesterday was one day I didn’t realise that eating so much red meat was painful! Anyway, it all began when BK and Dinghy asked me whilst I was on a shoot whether I wanted to join some steak competition. Since I was busy at that time and was distracted, I said “yes, sign me up”.

Fast forward that a month and I was sitting under the shade outside of Las Vacas at Mont Kiara looking at the crowd of 63 participants eagerly awaiting to eat their steaks. Funnily I was telling BK and Dinghy that I actually ate lunch at Kanna Curry House first together with a couple of my uni mates before going for the tournament. Biggest mistake yet, LOL!

There were plenty of season pros there who have attended the past steak challenges organized by Las Vacas so I was sort of the newbie.

Everyone was given 600 grams of meat first (each piece is 300 grams). I had to add on a little bit of sauce such as HP sauce, ketchup and HP BBQ sauce because I really couldn’t stand the taste of just pure red meat steak. The first steak was easy to go down and by the time I completed the 2nd steak, it started getting tougher and tougher. Right after the 10 minute mark, the emcee announced that one contestant had already started on his 5th steak. Heck, I was only halfway through my 2nd!

I was sitting next to a couple of gentleman who was happily gobbling down their steaks while I was struggling to even look at my meat especially my 3rd steak which was pretty much extremely rare!

Yes, that is just how rare my steak was and it was insanely difficult to swallow the meat let alone taste it. I was resisting the urge to vomit it all out as the emcee announced that the leader was another guy who started on his 7th steak.

And just when the competition was about to end, the guy who was leading the group at the 1st half of the competition puked and was disqualified. The winner ended up eating 2.3kg of steak. He was still working on his 8th piece when the timer ran out! Congrats to the winner who won a 4D 3N holiday to Australia and also congrats to both BK and Dinghy who passed the 1kg mark.

Frankly, I think I can skip eating beef for at least a couple of months.

This was what I had for dinner last night instead 😛

Some facts from the competition

  • 63 participants in total, had to reject more or else the total number would be 137
  • the average amount of meat consumed, 1.1kg per person
  • there was a single female participant and she finished 4 pieces of steak!
  • In total, 93kg of meat was consumed


No animals were hurt during the writing of this blog post but plenty of cows did sacrifice their lives for the competition

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    1. Already had an appointment there and I thought that since the food smelled so good, I should taste some to warm up my stomach. Ended up eating a whole portion of rice with vegetables and mutton and fried chicken. Hahaha!

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