The Challenge Has Begun

A couple of days ago, BK threw this idea at me and asked me whether I wanted to participate in the challenge or not. BK being BK, always talk in a cryptic slang and if you sat next to us listening or eavesdropping, chances are you might get more confused than informed. Anyhow, the challenge was something in line with the image below.

That’s right, a couple of us are going to be competing over a two month period on who loses the most amount of weight percentage and if you were following my tweets last night, the weigh-in session started last night. I took this shot with my iPhone and my official weigh-in was in fact 102.2kg and not the one shown below. The added weight was probably the weight of my iPhone in my hand.

Yes, that is my weight in kilos!

So by now, you might have guessed what the challenge might be but if you are as equally blur as some people, it is about a group of friends chipping some dough into a pool and whoever loses the most weight percentage over an 8-week period keeps it all.

My target is to try and achieve a 10-12% weight loss which would bring my weight down to 90 kilos. That is a lot but I am determined to achieve that with a mixture of eating right and less (no puking out my food!) as well as regular exercising and trips to the gym.

Truth be told, the idea of this challenge started from LY and most of the action will be blogged on her blog here. I will also update my blog periodically on this challenge and use the tag “weight challenge” for all related posts.

Hope I win 🙂

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