Introducing RedNinja.TV and got Mojo? Photography Camp

I guess my blog has been reduced to about 1-2 posts a week and most of the time its just 1 post but that is because I have been quite busy at work, multiple projects and activities to run and also weekend shoots but now I am glad to introduce to everyone, RedNinja.tvIn late 2009, when the stars and planets aligned in perfect harmony, it was then that 5 young and enterprising individuals banded together to discuss a common idea that had been brewing in their minds. The rough and sketchy idea was to bring quality, fun training camps and workshops to Asia.

After all, why should all the quality programmes by held in the US or Australia?

As the idea was birthed over various meals (we are very much Asian-foodies at heart!), it was decided that the training would focus on three areas: creativity, technology and business. With that, we began brainstorming on a name and late one night, was born.

And by we, I mean Alex Lam, Grace Tan, Jenny Sun, Jon Low and me with Mun Tzin helping us in the background.

Our first event that we are organising is not one but two events, the got Mojo? Seminar (23rd April 2010) and the got Mojo? Camp (24th and 25th April 2010). The got Mojo? camp is a highly experiential and fun weekend away at Port Dickson. It is a 2-day retreat for intermediate, semi-professional and professional photographers. The camp combines two vital elements that every photographer must master: the ability to identify their style and also the secrets of marketing your business successfully. The anchor speaker is Wiki Lee who is a famous wedding photographer from Australia.

Here are some examples of Wiki’s work.

So head over to to sign up and register for either the seminar or the camp or even better, both!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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