How do you recuperate?

After a grueling time throughout yesterday’s wedding shoot, I was just asking myself how does one recuperate from a long day’s work? That got to both me and Grace talking about those photographers who shoot two to three weddings in a row.

Now the story began yesterday when I was up very early for a shoot in Puchong. I dragged myself out of bed at 5ish and reached the groom’s place before 6.30am. By that time I was already wishing that I had slept earlier the night before but thanks to some printer problems, that kept me up till way past midnight. Anyway the shoot went on until about 2pm in the afternoon so that would mean we have already shot for 8 hours non-stop.

During the morning shoot where we were shooting at the indian temple in Shah Alam, we had to go about barefoot and walk around barefooted on the tarred road which was riddled with small pebbles and stones (extremely painful experience). And not to also mention that it was broad daylight and the road was definitely heated up!

By the time I got back home after the shoot, I was completely wiped out and my feet were aching! I just couldn’t help but take a long and refreshing cold shower and rest as much.

Now the question comes to mind, how do you recuperate from a long shoot?

I know some photographers tend to take power naps.

Others might go for foot massages.

Some eat extra energy bars.

Anyone knows a quick and easy way to recuperate some of that lost energy and aching feet? If you do know, please write them down in the comment section.

Note: This question is open to all, not just those in the photography line 🙂

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5 thoughts on “How do you recuperate?”

  1. Most photographers I know take a break in between. Nap and relax….. The next time you have to walk like this, get a hot tub, few drops of lavender essential oil….. soak your poor aching feet in it….. I swear it works! It does for me after a long day of retail theraphy!

  2. I would soak feet in hot tub, and maybe a power nap if I don't have to work on a SDE slideshow (which is highly unlikely). So, soak feet in hot tub while editing! 😀

  3. I agree in soaking your feet in a hot water. Perhaps we can get one of those feet soaking thing that gives you bubbles like jacuzzi and I think essential oils will help :).

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