Cameron Highlands Trip – Day 1

I actually had this post sitting in my draft post section in this blog for almost more than a week already and I totally forgot to post this up. Anyway about a month ago, I took a trip to Cameron Highlands. Now I haven’t been there since 1999, so it has been almost 11 years since I last been there, I totally can’t remember how it looks like.

Some images I took at a local Strawberry Farm which also had plenty of cactus for sale as well.

Then we headed to another strawberry farm with the main goal of eating strawberry and scones and we found some waffels as well.

Here is a fun fact, aside from the British army, Cameron Highlands has the 2nd most highest number of Range Rovers in the world. They even use it as taxis and shuttles to ferry tourists about.

If you do not know, vegetables are very very cheap in Cameron Highlands.

Unfortunately at this time, strawberries were not in season so they weren’t very very sweet.

Nevertheless we still managed to get some yummy strawberry themed food, such as strawberry strudels.

Strawberry juice.

And strawberry white coffee. Yes, you heard that correct. Strawberry white coffee!

We got all of that wonderful food (including the strawberry white coffee) at Strawberry Moments.

After a heavy load of food, we decided to walk about our apartment area and I found some flowers and scenery about.

The drive up to Camerons was quite a tiring one with the single lane going up and down the hill and when there is a slow driver or a truck on those lanes, it tends to get really boring and slow.

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  1. ST: Scared la to overtake, got so many cars in the queue in front of me. My car has no turbo like yours! 😛

    Nick: Nah I didn't pay to pick them, just paid to eat the waffles and scones 😀

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