More shots of Perth

I wanted to post these photos up on Tuesday initially but a high fever got the better of me. So instead of working and getting my changes into production this weekend, I ended up lying in bed, resting and resorting to loads of medicine to cure my fever and flu and headaches.

The few days I was in Perth was really good. Weather-wise it was near perfect except for the 2 days where it rained but other than that, the sky was just so awesome. The air was so fresh and the temperature was perfect!

Thanks Munz who brought me around and became my tourist guide, I headed over to Fremantle on my first day to see the sea and also the markets about.

Over there I tasted some of their famous “fish and chips” at Cicerello’s and it did taste nice but honestly, I thought the ones in the UK were nicer. It was about the same as the ones that I had in Sydney previously though.

The sea seemed so calming and there were so much activity about the pier with loads of people lining up to get their food and they had this fantastic system where once you ordered your food they hand you a buzzer. Once your food was ready, the buzzer would buzz and prompt you to collect your food. I guess you can’t really have it here in Malaysia because everyone would just nick it.

The one thing I admired about Perth was that the public transport system was so efficient and we travelled about easily without a hitch except for that one occassion where I had drive a friend’s car down south to find this secluded macadamia nut factory. Wait, was it walnut? Can’t really remember because the ones that I brought back was quickly gobbled up by my dad who thoroughly enjoyed them.

One interesting point I would like to make was that I saw this street basker who was rather unique. First of all, he is playing the bagpipes. Scotland is way off but here is this guy playing it with his lung’s full capacity but not only that, he plays it to the background of ROCK music.

Of course after looking at those photos above, it makes a lot more sense now, right?

For more photos from my Perth trip, do visit my Flickr set for higher resolution photos as well.

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  1. Nice! Usually when I go to Perth, it's one night, plus another in Fremantle and then it's off to the outbacks! Never really went around Perth. Hah, looks like everyone who goes to Fremantle dines at Cicerello 🙂

  2. Shen: Thanks mate 😀

    Eugene: Yeah I plan to head down south the next time I go to Perth. Planning to head back there next year especially since AirAsia will be flying there. Although it was rather boring on the flight there but the MacBook Pro lasted a whole full 4+ hours on the flight which was awesome!

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