Gadget lustings!

As much I would love to keep all of my own desires deep within my heart, slowly trying to bury it in such a way that it takes forever to claw its way out into my nervous system, especially the ones that make me buy impulsively, sooner or later, they keep clawing free! I need something new to release all that built up tension of cravings!

Of course it doesn’t help that I read gadget and tech news daily but there are these few things that keep haunting me to purchase. But so far, I have been able to resist well enough and saved a little bit of cash as well (even after spending in my last trip). Anyway here are some of the items that constantly get shot about my brains.

#1 – A spiffing new Nikkor zoom lens (Nikon Nikkor 70-200mm AF-S VR F/2.8 lens)

The awesomest zoom lens about!

This baby costs a whopping RM5,900 and I still can’t justify it’s cost yet. I need to get at least 6 confirmed wedding shoots first before getting one of these bad boys.

#2 – iPhone 3G

This baby was recently released by Apple and being a new Apple fan and having tested out the hyped-up HTC Touch Diamond yesterday (I wasn’t impressed at all by the lousy touch interface and slow moving graphics), this is the phone to be lusting over. It’s interface is to die for and it is still slim and sleek. No news of it being officially released yet in Malaysia but priced at USD$199, it is so cheap for a phone packed with so much features.

#3 – Nikon D700

The last craving I had for a camera body was the awesome Nikon D3. Now this camera cost RM14,500 alone just for the body but it was one of the best high ISO performer in the market. The latest round of rumours appeared to be the upcoming Nikon D700 and it is supposedly the cheaper variant of the D3. Still in the rumourmills, I am awaiting for Photokina in September for Nikon to either say that its just another hoax or something they would launch to rival that of Canon’s 5D Mark II. Expected price for this baby is RM9,000 and its still within reach!

#4 – Drobo (My own storage robot)

I have been contemplating about getting Western Digital’s Mybook and setting up a backup storage device for all of my work and photos until I set my eyes on Drobo. It is meant to be a highly intelligent backup device which checks the integrity of the physical hard disks inside it. Priced at USD$449, its not something cheap but how can you put a price on all the work that you have worked on, right?

Anyway I think I have had enough of my gadget lustings, looks like its time to get back to the real world and where money doesn’t come in easily. Hopefully one day I might be able to afford these beauties but realistically, when that time comes, it will already be obsolete!

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  1. I watched this video in April during my cell ground retreat up at Camerons. It was produced in Australia and had kids complaining how lousy their lives were because their parents don't have a flashy new SUV like their neighbors, or they only have a PS2 and the PS3's out or their iPod is too small to hold all their songs… Makes you think a bit about being satisfied with what we have 🙂

    My want list is pretty long and similar (is it Christmas yet??) although when my aunt from Texas comes back to Malaysia next year, I'll be sure to put a 3G iphone on the shopping list! Then again, I also need more confirmed wedding shoots 🙂

    p.s. someone in Maxis said before Christmas 08 but you didn't hear it from me.

    p.p.s. I love the Drobo too but it's only USB. For me, it must have a network-capable out of the box.

  2. Really? Before Christmas? Wow thats exciting!

    Now that you mentioned that the Drobo is just USB, I might have to reconsider that (with finger's crossed) that they will have a NAS version or perhaps one that has Firewire.

  3. I hope so too cos I want to get my wife one for our anniversary 🙂

    You know one thing they tell you to do during marital counseling is to list down what you want to buy and discuss openly, ranking what's necessary, important, etc. Mine's 2 columns on A4 paper 🙂 I think I'm in trouble!

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