Introducing Wedding Story by Integricity Visuals

I am very excited and pleased to announce two awesome looking websites with super cool graphics and so many things which isn’t in my technical vocabulary! Ok, enough of that, let me introduce to you two new and recently launched websites, Integricity Visuals and Wedding Story.

What makes these websites special? Well if you did check out my previous post on a wedding I shot, perhaps upon closer inspection of the watermark I created might give a sort of clue to all 🙂

Ok, that was a lame attempt to hide the fact that I am really excited to be part of the team shooting weddings and events. It is an honour to be able to work with such skilled and artistic people and at the same time, learn from them on the way. Being a part of this team is a great challenge for me as I try my best to not only improve my work and quality but to build more bridges and relationships with the people I work with.

Do check out Integricity Visuals website here to see some of the video and photo portfolios and the range of services offered. Integricity Visuals is actually owned by Integricity Corporation which is the parent company.

Not to forget, Wedding Story as well and the blog over here as well.

Wedding Story is a brand by Integricity Visuals that caters for the tender and passionate moments shared between couples as they waltz down the aisle.

The cool part about this website is that you can view both videos and photos online. Do check out the website for anything related to weddings and engagements.

Alright its back to the rat race for me, so much to do and so little time to complete it. Can’t wait for the wedding this weekend where it will be my first time in a long while where I am not shooting the wedding and where I am also one of the groomsmen for the first time.

Until then, I am already late for the wedding rehearsal!

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