Something new has arrived?

Ok, I sold off my Sigma 10-20mm lens to get this lens instead. Why did I swap lens? Only for the f/2.8 performance in low light situations. Did a quick test just now in my room and the first thing I noticed is that the minimal focusing distance is quite far compared to the Sigma 10-20mm.

More sample pictures to come.

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  1. There are some good sides and bad sides to it 🙂

    I traded my Sigma 10-20mm and my older 55-200mm VR lens for this baby 😀

    So when are you getting yours?

  2. errr… maybe next year?! but am tempted by 70-200 at the same time, thinking of second flash, second body and etc… how to buy dude? hehehe…

  3. Yeah the 70-200mm is an awesome lens, saving up for that beauty as well. Also super tempted by the D700 as well! 2nd body get the D700 man! I need to sell off one of my other bodies to fund for it 😛

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