Photos Revisited – Velva and the unknown mystery

Update: I finally remembered their names, the first picture is a picture of Carace while the second picture is a picture of Velva. Doh! I must be darn shallow 🙁

While I am waiting for my trusty MacBook Pro to render some 1200 odd photos, I spent some time revisiting some old portraiture shots I took last year sometime in September. These shots were taken at the Orchid Garden opposite the Bird Park at Taman Tasik Perdana. Just some post processing done on these shots, still I know much can be improved in terms of the framing, composition and pose.

The shots below is a shot of Velva, and the shot above is of Carace 🙂

Alright, I admit, I really can’t remember her name. As much as I would love to remember as many names as I can, this was taken a long time ago and I was swarmed by 40 over odd photographers. Do let me know if you know who this model is, thanks!

Anyway, the rendering is almost complete. I know I have shots lying about waiting for me to post process them.

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