I Took Back My Life, really, seriously!

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, I attended Louis’Take Back Your Life” workshop last weekend and it was totally awesome. Why was it awesome, one might ask. Well my dear Watson, its because that I learned so much about certain aspects that it not only gives me more time now but it helps me to think in such a way to make more moolah!

Again, I am not kidding when I said those things above. Its true, you can ask the rest of the participants who attended the course and all of them can vouch for me. But then as my title says, I have taken back my life. A very good example would have been this week. I was already pulling in 12-14 hour days at work leaving me hardly any time to rest but I still managed to post process almost 2000 photos.

And what does it take to make a good workshop, good materials or perhaps even more paticipation from the class? Since it is also part of my job at work to give trainings and talks, I realise that in order to get a good feel of the group would be to encourage more group participation. And that was exactly what Louis did.

Added bonusses to the workshop was a talk by Alex from Integricity Corporation which touched on areas such as web marketing and making ourselves known in the online world amidst the million of other photographers, people, business out there. I learned lots of good tips and after all of those SEO stuff that I have been reading up online suddenly just makes sense.

The other parts of the workshop which was great was the networking and meeting up with other photographers who are so passionate about this field that they are willing to fly in all the way from Sabah, Sarawak and also Hong Kong, their passion just amazes me as well.

One of the other lessons I learned was to never put your coffee next to your laptop because someone might just hit it over. Poor Clement had to do without his laptop on Saturday because he accidentally spilled coffee all over it but thanks to his super-duper-ultra-quick-reflexes that can actually put superman to shame, saved his laptop. Yup, he pulled the power out in time. 🙂

As you can see from the image above, the class wasn’t that big but because of the size, we had more time to post our personal questions and learn from each other a lot. Each and every one of us had something to share and that was just so great! Yes, I love it when people share, whether it may be their skills or thoughts, it just shows a little bit more of that person.

You know, they say that behind every successful photographer is a Mac. I have to agree with it since I also own one myself 😛

Then again, how successful I am is another story lah. I like to say that I am still in the process of learning and finding more and more ways I can to improve.

Another part of the workshop which got me really really excited was the part about printing. I have fallen in love with prints ever since I attended the Charge Up conference in April. It was just peachy that Epson had a Stylus Pro R3850 available for us to use and print our photos. So much so that I went around The Curve earlier just now looking about for an Epson printer only to find out that they had limited models available. Looks like I will just have to experiment with my older Canon i850 printer at home first before I venture into another printer.

As you can see that I am not the only person who is excited about prints. Overall everyone had a great time at the workshop and I must confess that my expectations of this workshop was totally different.

Of course I would like to also thank CLICK for their wonderful hospitality and warm friendship. They took every effort to make us feel comfortable by providing us with plenty of food, snacks and most importantly, coffee (which kept me sane and awake).

And finally I would like to thank the other participants of this workshop, your presence there made all the difference. A big thanks to Olivia, Michele, Kah Yee, Chun Hoo, Martina, Sathia, Alex, Grace, Bernard, Clement and of course, Louis. You guys rock! (I wonder if that sounded lame…)

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