I hate traffic jams


What was supposed to be two attempts to head to my office early was foiled thanks to our wonderful and thoughtful police who decided to create roadblocks along major arteries heading into KL. Because KL is such a wonderful and brilliant city with 2 million odd people going in and out, the traffic jam stemmed all the way up till the surrounding subburbs.

To make matters worse, I was actually driving away from KL but because of the slow moving traffic, I was stuck outside my house for almost an hour before I could actually hit the NKVE and ELITE highways. What usually takes about 5-10minutes to get from my house to the highway took almost an hour for both Monday and today. So much for using the highway to avoid traffic jams but I guess the police had only this to say.

I have to head in to KL later today for a meeting at 7pm. I really do hope that there isn’t much traffic.


2 comments on “I hate traffic jams”

  1. Yeah I had my iPod with me but I think I need to get that radio receiver thingy as my iPod is not connected to my car stereo (el-cheapo one).

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