So what happened lately?

Just a short post this time round while I recuperate from a busy week as well as food poisoning after traveling to Penang last weekend and driving through 8 hours of traffic (together with everyone else travelling up North for the Raya holidays). At the end of the week, I took a day off to check out Jerry Ghionis’ seminar. This is what I learned, just on Friday.

There were more than 130 participants.

I think there is going to be a change in the industry. It all starts with us!

Jerry Ghionis in KL

Of course, both Ian and Grace had to join him on stage as well!

Jerry Ghionis in KL

Had dinner with a bunch of photographers after the seminar which lasted almost for 12 hours.

I found out that when it comes to food, photographers are shy! There were 9 of us, 10 soup dumplings on the table and after dinner, there were 3 left because everyone was too shy to take the dumplings.

I found out that Park Royal serves Haagen Daaz ice cream in their lunch buffet!

Bought a number of products which were very useful in yesterday’s shoot.

I found out that I haven’t blogged much so I prepared some photos ready to be posted up.

I need more sleep, but am glad I managed to satisfy Ian’s cravings for “bak kut teh”. He really is like a pregnant women, always got cravings for certain type of food whenever he is up in KL.

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