Yes I am still alive!

Yes I have been missing in action on my blog for a while and that is because I have been held up at work for the past week and this week, I am here at the Marriott hotel enjoying 5 nights stay here. Well I will hardly be in my room because I will be at training the entire week so I do hope that I have the time to blog. I totally forgot my camera so I need to swing by home to collect it sometime this week.

I still have 3 sets of photos to post process so I need to find the time but things have been delayed because of work and this training as well as my recent comeback to my old group of musicians. Yes, I attended a 3 hour practice session just now only to find myself totally rusty but still can do a little bit of winging and of course, assist out the vocal areas. Playing the guitar really did bring back some memories, who knows, I might be interested in pursuing an old Fender Strat. Awesome stuff again!

Till the next post, I got to finish up my CBT’s before I turn in for the day.

Lastly, here is a video for all you would be Nikon D700 users. More poison for you all 😀
[vimeo w=400&h=225]
The Nikon D700 Unboxed from Jon Read on Vimeo.

Personally, I find the comments rather witty but the last bits were the interesting parts for me as he showed the new CF card slot functionality. Its blatantly obvious that the viewfinder seems a little out of proportion to me.

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