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Amidst the financial crisis some parts of the world is facing as well as dropping fuel prices (currently at USD$96), there is always time and space on CNN to highlight our country. Previously it has never been in any sort of good light that we are highlighted, especially if we hoped that news like this might attract more foreign investors.

Anyway, here is a snippet of the article from CNN.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s opposition leader demanded Thursday an emergency Parliament session for a no confidence vote in the government, insisting he has secured enough defections from the ruling coalition to topple it.

Of course this talks about what has been going on around our country and what are the current headlines screaming. The Star is back to their cutdown web page to reduce bandwidth whilst Malaysiakini is screaming the headlines that “Anwar seeks emergency House session“.

News Strait Times on the other hand is highlighting on another matter, “SAPP senior vice-president and youth chief resign” whilst MySinChew is saying that Anwar demands a “Special” session of Parliament.

Our ex-prime minister, Dr. Mahathir, has this to say about the ongoing financial crisis. Whilst many people are wondering on why a blogger was detained under the sedition act. Apparently some said that he was charged because he asked that the national flag be flown upside down and this has caused much grief to certain parties.

Wikipedia states that based on International flag terminology, flying a flag upside down means to show that a country is in distress. With so much going on, this country is changing ever so rapidly. I guess change is inevitable, whether it may be that the economy will face another crisis on a global scale or maybe there might be some sort of a life line in our current state of affairs.

I had an interesting conversation today with one of my colleagues over lunch and it was about the failing financial crisis. Out of all of these, somewhere out there, in the midst of a whole economic downturn, there is someone out there who is actually on the benefacting side. Who knows, maybe until when the shroud has been cleared, only will we know what was the real cause or who might be the real cause.

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