Lunch time at Cyberjaya

This is what typically happens almost on a daily basis at 12pm here at the office. First we would all gather at the lifts to make sure that we have enough people going for lunch. Then while waiting for all to arrive, we would definitely spot some people playing about (I guess they are trying to break the monotonous strain of everyday work).

Once we have all gathered around and come to a consensus of where to eat, we end up eating at the same place again and again. Well for the sake of those of you who have never step foot into Cyberjaya, this place has really nothing great to offer. Food is practically the same everywhere with a few emerging “mamaks” and the ever hopeful food court which seems to close down every year or so (even with new tenants) which is located in the colourful building.

Another choice that we might have is a place called, “Streetmall“, a quaint place where CUCMS is located and it has a number of restaurants there serving food ranging from “mamak” food, to Italian food to Kebabs. It doesn’t take long before we have tried all restaurants and realised that the food just wants to drive us out of Cyberjaya. We settled for the restaurant called Penang House which is a halal restaurant located in Streemall.

The next lunchtime ritual would be to take our orders and then wait very very very very long for our food. Here is Ryan’s expression after his order was taken.

Here is Ryan’s expression, 20 minutes after his food has not arrived.

He looks rather suspicious I would say. I think he is getting a little hungrier.

And when the food finally arrives, there are only a couple of dishes which I really like. One of the as shown above is their “Sambal fried rice” which comes with an egg (ordered separately). Another favourite dish of mine is the “Sweet and sour chicken with two eggs” dish. Specially ordered with two eggs for the win!

Man, typing this post has made me hungry. I can’t wait to try out the new restaurant later today during lunch!

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