Gosh, I can’t believe that it has been almost 4 years since I last step foot in the UK, namely Sheffield. It has been that long since I remember living life as a student in a quaint little town/city/village where things moved slower and there are shopping complexes with 3 Starbucks in them. Note that in the UK, there aren’t that many shopping complexes around and having one in Sheffield was considered a miracle considering the size of the place.

Another part of my life at that time was attending Hope City Church. At that time I was totally blown away by the culture there where it was ever so vibrant and it was ever so meaningful. Word and worship were superb and being able to play on the worship team at that time was even better.

And here they have had something very interesting, a spanking new website which I am proud to spread the word about. Do check it out as they have plenty of features and downloads available. If anyone here in Malaysia is heading towards Sheffield to study, I would definitely recommend that you pop over at Hope City and you will definitely have a life changing experience there.

I know I did.

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