My Favourite Wedding Shot

I guess after having shot around 15 weddings, each time I look at my photos and think to myself, how can I improve on my work and how can I constantly deliver better images to my clients? Well, I am still asking myself that at the moment and I still pray that I continue asking myself that. A couple of weeks ago I was shooting at a wedding together with WeddingStory and I managed to pull off a shot which I really liked. Check it out here below.

It was during Ken & Cynthia’s wedding on the 8th of November that I took the shot above and man, did I have a ball of a time shooting the wedding. For the next upcoming wedding shoots, I would definitely want to improve even more and capture even more beautiful shots for the couple.

Of course leading up from my first ever wedding shoot until now, I have managed to learn quite a fair bit from the masters themselves, through many many workshops (I think I attended more than 10 workshops so far on photography). I will be attending another workshop again in January, this time in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

Do check out the rest of Ken & Cynthia’s wedding photos here at WeddingStory’s blog.

I have got more photos to post! They are already in my draft posts awaiting for me to press on the publish button!

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