I ate too much in Malacca

It has been a while since I last came back to my hometown of Malacca. I think I can barely remember the last time but I know that I haven’t been back the whole of 2008  (not counting the times I drove past Malacca on the way down to Singapore and Segamat). Anyway I am back here over the weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding. Will be waking up pretty early tomorrow to help him out by being his photographer.

One of the things I miss the most about Malacca is the food. I managed to get my parents to bring me to a food court so that I could taste different dishes and I wasn’t really in a mood for “sate celup” so they brought me to the Newton food court. The Newton food court originated near the old jailhouse but they have setup a similar looking food court that reminds me of Ming Tien back in PJ.

Here are some of the photos I took of the food we ordered.

My aunts decided to order a very famous “hakka” dish which I really think it is just tortoise food.

My parents went for something more traditional, claypot chicken rice.

My sister stuck with her usual Uncle Bob fried chicken.

I went for an upgraded version of the claypot chicken rice with an additional egg and an extra chinese sausage.

Of course I wouldn’t sit down at a food court without ordering fried oysters.

And to top everything off, Portugese “Ikan bakar” or burnt manta ray (its not really burnt!).

I am still full from dinner and I did wish I had more time to try out my other favourites such as “sate celup”, “cendol”, chicken rice balls and other delicacies. My only dissapointment is that my all-time favourite coffee shop has closed down due to newer development and all of the stalls have split up to other locations in Malacca.

Time to head back to get a good nights rest before tomorrow’s shoot. I am still in awe of the recent development in this area.

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