Lian Hoy & Ivy’s Wedding

About a month back, I shot Lian Hoy & Ivy’s wedding here in KL. Although the both of them are based off in New Zealand, they decided to have their special day here in Malaysia which was awesome! I knew Lian Hoy way back from my old high school days and only met Ivy when I was touring about Sydney and Melbourne back in 2003. I remember the time when Lian Hoy was sliding down Mt. Buller mowing everyone down on his snowboard but now, he is an ace when it comes to riding on a snowboard.

I wish to both Lian Hoy & Ivy a successful marriage and may God continue to bless the two of you in your new journey of your life.

Here are some of the photos I took on the actual day of the wedding.

The wedding gown was really really long!

I wanted to capture the intricacies of the beautiful wedding gown and decided to process them in black & white.

The funny thing about the games was that all of “heng tais” or brothers-in-arms were all “bananas” so we couldn’t understand the meaning of the Chinese characters above.

The girls made sure the doors were securely locked!

Of course the best man has to endure some of the torture, from the looks of it, he seems rather happy with it.

Of course no games is without the “test of strength” challenge.

As well as test of stomach strength!

After the tea pouring ceremony, we decided on some impromptu portrait shots in Renaissance hotel.

These photos were the ones I used for the express slideshow and I have plenty more photos to be processed!

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