Weekly Wednesday Clicks

I have always pondered on a theme of a post that I can post on a weekly basis whether may it be a weekly photo or whether it may be a weekly joke or something. Well I have decided to start with a weekly “Wednesday Clicks”.

This post will mainly be for me to share with everyone some interesting links that might interest some of you here.

So lets begin for today!

  1. Reuters has an interesting image gallery here to further illustrate how much Venice is under water than it being the usual romantic place where every couple would love to travel to. You can also check out their photo blog here. (link courtesy of ShaolinTiger)
  2. Images of a new DSLR being unboxed can be found here. For certain reasons, I shall not name the DSLR (hehehe)
  3. Some interesting bit of musings from LKS thinking that the Dewan Rakyat practices double standards against opposition MPs.
  4. The new Nokia N97 gets a makeover and it is moving towards the success of Sony’s Xperia.
  5. Xiaxue tries her hand at photoshop and she is quite good at it!

Hope these links will keep you entertained for the next couple of hours. See you next week with more links!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Clicks”

  1. ShaolinT: Thanks for the link! Will add that into my bookmarks as well as into the post.

    Nick: No idea why Wednesday. Just happened to be wednesdays today I guess 😀

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