Aching feet

My feet is aching from two days of shooting and yet here I am getting ready to go for brunch with some of my Sheffield pals. Had loads of fun over the two days but raring for more! So many photos to back up and process but I got to find the time to work them out.

The one surprising thing yesterday was that I managed to test out the new Canon 5D Mk2 during a shoot and man, it was an awesome camera. We used the camera to take family portraits and even ring shots at full 21MP resolution! How cool was that. After the shoot, the camera even spent the night with me but since I am such a big Nikon supporter, it stayed in the box throughout the night before heading back to it’s owner this morning.

Another surprise for me was that I came back from a busy weekend only to find that Louis has announced the launch of his newly redesigned blog. Go and check it out here.

Its time for some banana leaf rice!

3 thoughts on “Aching feet”

  1. Yeah I was hoping to sleep with it too, but unfortunately I heard that the owner needed it back urgently. 🙂 Oh well, I guess I'll have to have the affair another day…

  2. Grace: Yeah, Joseph is going to try out it's video function on it. Only nightmare about it is that when we needed to process the files for the night slideshow, Ian had his hands full with his 16Gb CF card completely filled up 😛

    Nic: I know why you want to make the switch hahaha! Imagine your macro shots at 21MP + 5:1 ratio of the MPE lens

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