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This week has been a miserable week for me as I am down with a flu and thanks to the flu, a fever as well. And to make things even worse, because I am sick, my immune system is low hence germs decided to attack my gums and here I am with swollen infected gums, barely being able to eat anything without feeling any pain.

Anyway it is a good thing I decided to slowly collect links over the past week in order that I don’t miss out this week’s Wednesday clicks.

  • Ever wondered how Air Force One looks like? Well, look no further.
  • This blog post shows Air Force One and it’s rich history as a usual transport for the president of the United States.
  • An interesting video which depicts Sex, Lies and Photoshop, tag line for the day, why editors should reveal which photos are photoshopped!
  • 25 of the best photography websites, link courtesy of Anna!
  • An interesting blog about life.
  • I have been hooked on Zack Arias’ critique episodes and they are just totally mind blowing. Critique is very important for a photographer and it sometimes take other people to help us look at things we may tend to overlook. Check them out here. There are already 6 episodes on his blog already but there are only 4 episodes on YouTube. I wrote on his blog (comment section) to request that he could also upload his episodes on YouTube because our crappy Malaysian lines had trouble streaming from Blip.Tv. I am just so glad that he obliged, thanks Zack!
  • Here is a cool site for you to just insert your name and get a list of cool facts about your name.
  • The latest Nikon rumour is that a new 35mm f/1.4 AF-S lens (FX) is about to appear sometime mid year?
  • Here is a very good example of how reporters can take your words and twist it around. Check out this which was published and the article rebuttal over here.
  • Ever since Maxis has launched the Apple iPhone 3G here in Malaysia, here is something for all of us iPhone owners to look forward to, namely the new copy and paste function! Only thing I am sad that was missed out was Flash support as well as tethering.

Until next week, see you all soon. Hope to get better!

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