Mark’s meaning of Joy

The story behind this quick slideshow I made begins a couple weeks ago during the Charge Up Conference. I was one of the coaches during the workshop time for the photography stream and the delegates had to complete a project based on themes. The coaches decided to give the delegates themes based on human expression and the team I was overseeing chose the theme, Joy. What the delegates had to do was to shoot as a team, come out with a story and create a slideshow with the photos they took which depict joy.

How they want to depict “Joy” can be anyway they want. It could have been a story of a person who found joy or even things that bring us joy. The group then proceeded to head to New World in Penang (I am from KL by the way so I was being led around by the Penangites) where they thought might be a good place to take photos and get some interesting shots. So while the group was running about shooting, I decided to take some shots as well of the surroundings.

By the time the delegates had finished shooting, they were busy hustling and bustling through their photos as well as trying to pick the ones to be able to form a proper storyboard. Trust me, it is during these times you wouldn’t want to get into their way. Tension was really building up, it was getting late and everyone was trying to complete it before the showcase tomorrow (the showcase is where each team from the photography stream and video streams show their project work which they completed in just one day).

Anyway, noticing that they were getting tense and nervous as well as trying to overdo the other teams, I quickly put together the photos I shot and produced the slideshow below.


Well I managed to get some of their attention and hopefully, made them feel a little bit more relaxed after that. Thought I would like to share this with everyone as well 🙂

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