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I really think that time is really an essence that we cannot waste. Then again there are a lot of things that we do waste that might affect us in a subtle but yet realistic way.

  • This is what you should do if you have about 22-25 million pound sterling sitting in your bank account, buy a village!
  • If you are a new iPhone user or you are considering getting an iPhone sometime in the near future, do note that iPhone’s can’t be tethered at the moment, but this may be of some good news. What is tethering? Well tethering is basically hooking up your phone with your laptop/PC and using the phone’s 3G connection, surf the web.
  • Another bit of Apple related news, as crazy as it seems, I thought stupid things like this only happen in Malaysia.
  • Ok, your friend in the US gives you a DVD for your birthday and you realised you can’t play it on your DVD player because of the DVD region. I bet you must be cursing your lucky stars. Well apparently Gordon Brown must have done something similar when Obama gave him a set of DVDs as a gift.
  • Here is a great post on 20 tips for better conference speaking.
  • Check out this site about 5 minutes before lunch, it will definitely help you build an appetite!

Last but not least, there has been so much hype about Earth Hour and all the Earth Hour parties this coming Saturday. Yes I do support the notion of everyone turning off the lights for an hour but I feel that the only way this will make an impact is that if people could take one thing away from this event is that they learn to conserve energy. A simple gesture like turning off lights when there is no one in the room or talking a short walk to your grocery store instead of driving 2 minutes down the road, every little small thing adds up.

Now the funny part about Earth Hour is a question I would definitely like to post up, how much extra energy has already been consumed/used to promote Earth Hour? I see a huge ass billboard with LIGHTS on it running along the highways. So you turn off your lights for an hour, versus the 1 month of electricity usage to power those billboards? The irony of it all right?

My take is, yes, celebrate Earth Hour and turn off your lights. Then go to what ever party that you may be attending consuming your normal amount of electricity powering those huge ass amplifiers and disco lights. But take home a small fact about energy consumption. Remember, turning off the lights for a room overnight is also equivalent to heating up 10,000 cups of tea.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Clicks”

  1. Well, it was never about saving energy consumption for that one hour. It was always about making a statement. They could have used a non-lighted billboard 😛

    Anyway, Canon unveiled the 500D. Not in your clicks?

  2. Making a statement and awareness is what earth hour is about but I agree that they should have been more "aware" themselves about what they are doing.

    DVDs? Get a Popcorn hour and forget shuffling those silly pieces of plastic circles. Reminds me about my nephew who asked me why my camera does not have an LCD screen — I was clearing up my cupboard and packing away my film SLR. I think you can do that to DVDs soon 🙂

    Talking about the 500D, I kinda like the new tiny flash (270EX) to carry around always when a bigger unit isn't required.

  3. Nick: I shall save the 500D for next week 😛

    Eugene: The new flash actually resembles what Nikon has which is the SB-400 (swivels upwards for top bouncing as well). Popcorn hour is horribly expensive, but its a cool concept and cheaper than Apple TV

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