Soft and Hard Snakes

Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying one of my first few drinks in the UK whilst I was a student there and that drink is called a SnakeBite Black. I was over at Sid’s together with a bunch of friends who where chugging away on their drinks when I headed over to the bartender and ordered a snakebite black. He made one within minutes and I paid for my drink and joined my friends.

The drink tasted good and I continued enjoying it until my friends saw this.


(image taken with my iPhone in the dark)

D: What the heck, you ordered a soft snake?

Me: What? What is a soft snake la?

B: OMG Mark’s got a soft snake

The joke went on and on and on. So apparently I ended up with a drink that I have to order as hard snakebite next time. Either that I can always tell the bartender to make me a soft snakebite but make it hard on the bill ^^

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