DCIM Show at Midvalley

Munz managed to convince me to go for the DCIM event at Midvalley over the weekend on Saturday evening by bribing me that she will pay for dinner. To be honest, I didn’t really have much expectations for it because whilst I was at a workshop with Munz on Saturday afternoon, I left some comments on Facebook and most of them were quite negative with friends mentioning that it was quite dissapointing. Hence the reason why I didn’t want to raise any hopes and just head over there and check it out.

Upon arrival, I managed to catch Zung finishing up his talk on Wedding Photography and also saw Jon, Joseph and Peter at the event. I guess all the Kwannon users were there previously giving their talk on their experience using the 5D Mk2. After having a quick chat in the seminar room as well as wishing Zung a very happy birthday, Munz and I headed in to the main exhibition hall and was greeted by this.


There was a huge Nikon booth in the middle of the area, next to the stage where there was a fashion show or something.

Canon also had a huge site with an area where you can test out some big guns.

The first place I actually stopped by was neither of those booths but more towards that of DG Color and Direct Photo as Jon had very smartly poisoned Munz into getting a monopod. It was very cheap hence I know that it was a great bargain.

The next booth I stopped at was of course the Nikon booth because they had the D3x for display and we could actually test it out. Check out the prices below!

Now that is definitely the amount you can put for a downpayment to get your latest BMW 3 Series. I tried shooting some test shots with the D3x using the new 50mm f/1.4 AF-S lens but I wasn’t that impressed with the sharpness. I guess perhaps with the sheer number of people trying it out, it could have been damaged or perhaps shooting at wide open @ f/1.4 will always give you soft images. But then I see the Canon’s 50mm f/1.2 shots at f/1.2 to be crisp and sharp, that really makes me wonder a lot!

Don’t ask me what that crack is, I think it was a piece of stuff that was on the lens of my iPhone camera.

Of course I also couldn’t resist checking out some huge ass lenses which were also on display. It is definitely not everyday that I can molest a 400mm f/2.8 lens as well.

By the time we headed out of DCIM and towards Gardens for dinner, I realised that it was almost time for Earth Hour. Fortunately we managed to finish our dinner in time but a little way past the 8.30pm mark and behold, Gardens was totally lit up and the lights were bright! Then of course I spied this poster here which was supposed to bring awareness and here you go, decorative lights were brightly shining as well.

On a more positive note, most of the food shops around me had their lights turned off and that most of their customers were eating with candlelights which sort of made it romantic in a way.

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